Welcome to Hybridan

As small cap brokers and advisers we are dedicated to fund raising, promoting investor awareness and providing market-driven corporate finance advice.

We raise capital for companies in the most efficient manner possible.

We communicate the investment cases of our clients to the market through equity research and investor road shows.

We provide market-driven corporate finance advice to our clients to help deliver shareholder value and because our service is highly personal, every client and every deal is important to us.

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Corporate Brokers Only

No NOMAD, no wealth management and no market-making; which means we have no conflicts and no hidden profit centres with different agendas. Corporate Broking is what we do best; our only interest is in looking after our Corporate customers.


Heart of Small Cap Community

We are well connected, often presenting at events. Our CEO is a Director on the Quoted Companies Alliance, and members of the team frequently appear in the media commenting on the latest market trends and developments.

Q3 2022 Market Sentiment

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“Big Bank” Ethos, Small Company Expertise

We offer a level of professionalism in handling investors and research that would  normally be found in a large institution, but our expertise is in the small cap arena. The quality of our institutional relationships is of paramount importance to us and is what sets us apart from our peers.


“Hands on” Approach

We are constantly monitoring for developments both in our market and clients’ markets too. We are one team of people and are very accessible beyond normal working hours.